Majestic 样式指南

This page refers to the Majestic Style Guide.

Majestic Style and Brand Guidelines

Majestic is a global data business that provides commercial insight based on a proprietary web index. We provide web data insights for everyone on a grand scale. We want to open our data up so that it can be understood by people in new markets, let them use the data to understand and profit in their business. We like to think of ourself as clean, uncluttered and inspirational - passionate about our data's potential, keen to help and support, and perhaps a little bit nerdy.

Our technology works at an awesome scale, we develop new features at a frightening rate, and we would love for you to be a part of it. We have the biggest index at the lowest cost of entry, and no-one else brings you Topical Trust Flow, turning any URL into a unique package of actionable insight. 这里提供了 Majestic 的样式指南。未在此处找到的一切内容也可能在我们的常见问题术语表中找到。

Usage and Legal


本域名由 Majestic-12 有限公司(创办于2004年)拥有。Majestic-12 有限公司在英格兰注册,注册号为05269210,并以 Majestic 的名称开展经营。

Logo Guidelines


Majestic 生成单独的图表和报告通常可以在我们默示同意下使用,前提是:

  • 您承认我们永远有权在今后撤消此许可或要求明确许可。
  • 您在您的报告中明确表明所使用的任何数据来源于 Majestic。
  • 您不会大范围地公开数据,因为这可能为第三方提供对这些数据进行再次处理和/或重新销售的机会。


Majestic Logo white on blue


Majestic Logo white on transparent


Majestic Logo black on white


Majestic Logo black on transparent

EPS Vector

Majestic EPS Available

Majestic 标志也可提供 EPS 矢量格式

Safety Space

任何时候标志周围都必须保留相当于 Majestic 标志高度一半的空白。

Spacing around Majestic logo

Majestic 与 Majestic-12 的商业名称

Only Majestic Trading names may be paired with the company logo.

Majestic Analytics

"Majestic-12", "Majestic SEO", "Majestic Analytics", "Majestic Insight"

Majestic 与 Majestic-12 商标

"Majestic", "Majestic-12", "Majestic SEO", "Flow Metrics", "Citation Flow", "Trust Flow", "Search Explorer", "Topical Trust Flow



Trust Flow(信任来源)指标

Citation Flow(引用来源)和 Trust Flow(信任来源)


Trust flow

flow metrics



Incorrect background image behind Majestic logo


Incorrect background colour behind Majestic logo


Majestic logo with incorrect font

Add your own text or images

Majestic logo with additional text and image


Majestic logo with stretched height

Stretch the width of the logo

Majestic logo with stretched width


Majestic logo with incorrectly coloured stars

Use a background gradient

Majestic logo with gradient background

Change the logo text from black or white

Incorrect Majestic font colour

Add special effects or animations

Majestic logo with special effects

Key Colours

Majestic Blue

Majestic Blue color

HEX: #2d526d
CMYK: 88,64,38,21

Highlight Blue

Highlight blue colour

HEX: #1c3b51
CMYK: 92,71,46,38

Primary Orange

Primary orange colour

HEX: #ff8d40
CMYK: 00,55,82,00

Primary Background

Primary background colour

HEX: #ffffff
CMYK: 0,0,0,0

Secondary Background

Secondary background colour

HEX: #eef0f1
CMYK: 7,5,5,0


Web headers should be Arial, coloured with Highlight Blue (#1c3b51)

Normal web copy is dark grey (#333) Verdana, and all links should be underlined in paragraphs.

Where a dark background is used, a white font is preferred, with yellow (#fc0) suggested for links

Table headers are bold Verdana (#333333) on (#eef0f1)

Base font for print and graphics should be Myriad Pro

Web Assets

Icons: Black/white/grey and single colour


4px border radius, 1px solid #ccc border

Web assets border

Button style and hover
"Would you like to …"

Button style and hover style

Any doubts?